First a story of travel, love and a sense of place…

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A beautiful story from past guests that touches on travel, love and our human desires.

We had two guests join our cruise. It was her husband’s 70th birthday and she wanted to make it special. She came across our Desolation Sound cruises and found a date that fell right on her husband’s birthday. She quickly booked it as she knew her husband always dreamed of cruising Desolation Sound. In fact, he had spoken about it often and had many years earlier, in the 70’s, read an article published in the Vancouver Sun, written by one of the founders of Greenpeace, about his favourite place in the world, Desolation Sound. He kept the article at his desk for decades.

They joined the cruise on board the boat from Lund and settled into Homfray Lodge. The next morning was cool and crisp and the water was still and like glass. We boarded our boat and left Homfray Lodge heading north to Toba Inlet for a grizzly bear viewing tour and watch the bears feeding on salmon. Minutes from the lodge, we spotted the spray of a pod of Orcas. The captain stopped the boat so we could watch the Orcas from a distance. Suddenly, one of the young male Orcas came right beside the boat, circled it three times, stopped and looked us in the eye and with a final spray, headed off. Everyone in the boat was shocked, surprised, and shaking with excitement. We contemplated staying longer, but we continued off to Toba Inlet in search of grizzly bears. Upon arrival at Toba Inlet where greeted by Klahoose First Nation member who gave us a traditional welcome song in his language and then quietly brought our little group to the viewing towers set along deep in the rainforest along the Klite River. Within minutes the Grizzly Bears began emerging from the forest, quietly going about their business of eating salmon and relaxing on the banks of the river.

At dinner, we all gathered in our normal communal style dinning rooms, with everyone sharing videos and images of our amazing wildlife encounters form the day. We had a birthday cake for our guest’s 70th birthday. After dinner, he stood up to address his fellow explorers, and thanked them for an amazing birthday. He told everyone about his long-held desire to one day visit Desolation Sound, and with a tear in his eye thanked his wife for being with him and bringing him to this magnificent place.

And in case your are wondering what the Orca experience was like. Here is a taste of a small part of the encounter.

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