2020 Resolutions

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The new year is quickly approaching, and we cruise into the time of holiday parties, time with family and friends and (hopefully) a break from work. This is our favourite time of the year because we get to kick back and bask in our accomplishments. It’s also a great time to think of the year ahead and plan exciting trips or events and maybe even set some new personal goals. It’s time to relax and reset.

2019 was a big year for us at Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours. We created lots of new relationships, hired an awesome crew and explored more of Desolation Sound. Looking back, it’s safe to say that 2019 was our best season yet. The top 10 accomplishments and memories that come to mind are:

  1. Our partnership with Wilderness International and becoming a carbon-neutral operation
  2. We joined the Commercial Bear Viewing Association
  3. We unveiled the Toba Cat
  4. We saw Pacific White Sided Dolphins again in Homfray Channel… and we swam with them!
  5. We saw a record number of Grizzly Bears in Toba Inlet
  6. We served more plant-based dishes at mealtimes
  7. We reduced our marine fuel consumption
  8. We used more natural energy than any past year to operate Homfray Lodge
  9. We hired an amazing team that lead us to success
  10. We hosted our first Voyage of Discovery Cruise with John Horton

Of course, like every journey, 2019 had its ups and downs but what made us successful were our positive attitudes and amazing team. For 2020 we’d like to take some of our favourite 2019 accomplishments and push them to the next level and also introduce some new goals as well.

  1. Eat more veggies
    • Don’t worry, we won’t be taking meat off our menu any time soon, but we will be happy to introduce more plant-based options
  2. Try new things
    • We’ve always strived to push our employees to learn new skills at work. This year will be no different… Who wants to learn how to trap prawns? Bake? Make furniture?  
  3. Have more versatile stretch classes
    • This season our stretch classes will incorporate different yoga techniques, even meditation to our out of this world yoga studio.
  4. Go on vacation
    • After our busy season is over, we’ll encourage all of our staff to take some well-earned time off. Tropical beach in Mexico? Sounds good to me!
  5. Reduce to zero single-use plastics
    • In 2019 we vowed to stop purchasing single-use plastics. We did have to get through our stock from previous years but in 2020 we are excited to have a fresh slate of zero single-use plastics.
  6. Volunteer
    • Beach clean-ups, food banks, charity runs… in 2020 you will see Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours be more involved!
  7. Spend more time in nature
    • It’s important that all of our staff get some time in nature. After all, isn’t that why you are here?! This 2020 we’re going to make sure that everyone on our team has at least one “outdoor” role.
  8. Offer more learning opportunities for our employees
    • It’s important for us to see our committed staff have opportunities to develop in our company.  
  9. Create more video content of Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours
    • Let’s show the world what we are all about!
  10. Donate money and time to our favourite NGOs.
    • We love working with and learning from organizations that fuel our passions.

How are your 2020 goals coming along?!

Comment below if you’d like to share what you have planned for 2020.

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