Deserved Dolphins

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The staff at Homfray Lodge have a belief that when we work hard, good things happen to us – especially in nature. It has happened a few times where we will be working extra hard and something like orcas will swim by the dock, or Yogi our black bear will come to say hello. Exciting acts of nature that we feel like we deserve.

On one particular day in August it was our staff’s last day “without guests” for the rest of the season. After this day we were all going to work 6 weeks straight without any days off. So, we thought we would make it an extra special day and take a little boat tour to explore Desolation Sound. That morning I put a word out to our industry partners in the area to let us know of any whale sightings. It didn’t take long for our friends at Way West to let us know where to look.

We jumped in the boat and headed to Pryce Channel. The new views and mountains were enough to excite our team but, in the distance, we spotted huge splashes and big blows. Breaching Humpbacks were in sight! We zoomed over the watch the spectacle. By our sides were Way West and Eagle Eye Adventures taking in the show. After about 20 minutes the whales started swimming away and to respect their space, we stayed away. We were still however it a gorgeous channel equipped with bathing suites and towels, so we thought why not jump in! One by one, starting with Chef Julie, then Moritz, then Kylie, Mollie and Neesha to follow. About 5 minutes later, hundreds of dolphins starting swimming our way. Smart, curious, and playful these dolphins wanted a peek at us. They swam under and around us as we held our breath from excitement and fear.

Eventually the pod took off and we got back in our boat. With smiles from ear to ear that we couldn’t wipe all day, we jetted back to the lodge for one last family dinner. We know we must have been working really hard to deserve that one!

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