A Fortunate Stroke of Serendipity with Grant Lawrence

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Two times a season we invite Grant Lawrence – author of Adventures in Solitude, a book about his formative years spent in Desolation Sound, to host our cruise. On these trips, he leads guests through Desolation Sound with tales about the history of the area, the characters who make up this beautiful escape, and even takes our groups to his family cabin.

One of the stops along the way is to the cabin where he tells the story of his cover quote “And What Not To Wear To A Nude Potluck”. The story entails Grant’s family being invited to a potluck when he and his sister were 6 and 4 years old. As their family pulled up to the host’s cabin on their boat, they noticed that everyone at this potluck was nude! Grant’s family being as straight edge as they were, were in a slight panic. Straight edge they might have been, but rude they were not – so they stayed for a short while. To really enjoy the hilarity of this story, you must pick up this book for yourself.

On this particular tour, as the boat turned the corner and Grant was finishing telling the story, to everybody’s surprise there was a naked man slowly making his way down to the water.  This was the man that Grant had written about over 40 years ago, in the same place, and still nude! It was such perfect timing, it was as if it had been planned! Grant was in complete shock and his excitement was really very contagious. The stories he wrote about in Adventures in Solitude were so special but to see first-hand 40 years later some of the magic still exists was quite amazing.

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